Aaron W. Graves has been practicing law in Virginia for over 17 years and will defend you against all types of criminal charges ranging from underage alcohol charges to homicide.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney/ Former Prosecutor & JMU Law Instructor

Anyone facing criminal charges needs an experienced attorney. It is important to hire an attorney with a full and detailed knowledge of the law. Your attorney must have successful trial experience, including successful jury trial experience. Results matter. A criminal defense attorney must be a skilled negotiator as most cases do not ultimately go to trial.

Experience from Both Sides of the Criminal Justice System

As a former prosecutor, Aaron W. Graves, Esq., gained valuable experience thus enabling him to anticipate prosecution tactics. Additionally, Mr. Graves taught Criminal Justice at James Madison University for 5 years. He will prepare your case, answer your questions, and provide professional legal advice.


As the job market has become highly competitive, it is important to preserve a clean record as even charges that were dismissed still appear on one’s record in Virginia. A successful expungement makes each law enforcement and judicial agency destroy the record of your criminal charge(s).

Aaron W. Graves, Esq. practices in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

See what our clients are saying.

I can’t thank Attorney Graves enough for zealously defending my daughter on underage alcohol charges while she attended James Madison University. He took a hopeless case to trial and turned it into a not guilty decision. As a bonus, he was able to get my daughter’s charges expunged from her record.

— Brad W.

My career prospects took a serious hit when my ex-wife had me arrested on a bogus charge of domestic assault. Aaron Graves advised me every step of the way. He took my case to jury, and I was found not guilty in no time. I’m so grateful that I did not take a plea and that Mr. Graves believed in my innocence.

— Tim K.

I was accused and charged in a drug case. Mr. Graves stood up to the police and prosecution. He bested the prosecution in court with his superior knowledge of the facts and law. Needless to say, I won my case and am a free man. Thank you, Mr. Graves.

— Josh D.